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Maastricht University Medical Center+ is located in the south of the Netherlands. Within Maastricht UMC+, the University Hospital Maastricht and the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of Maastricht University are working closely together.

Dedicated patient care – general, top clinical and top referral, last resort care – is combined with a strong health sciences component, specialized academic training, and cutting edge scientific research: a distinctive approach to medical treatment signified by the + in our name. Focus areas of Maastricht UMC+ are cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases, oncology, mental health and neuosciences, and public health.

Maastricht UMC+ is known both nationally and internationally for its focus on prevention. We do not only help patients recover their health, but are also concerned with the promotion and maintenance of good health. The hallmark of Maastricht UMC+ is its multidisciplinary and problem-based learning approach. Maastricht UMC+ values to access its specialized and unique knowledge for society and business. Therefore we are developing the Maastricht Health Campus.

At Maastricht UMC+, we believe that medical treatment, research and education should be able to cross borders. In a knowledge-based economy, it is important that resources and professional expertise can be shared on an international scale. Located in the heart of Europe and at the border triangle with Germany and Belgium, we are well-placed to contribute to this goal.

Maastricht UMC+ has 715 beds, employs approximately 7,000 people, and educates 4,000 students. Maastricht UMC+ is a member of the NFU, the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers ( ).

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