Role: PCP/PPI expert

The Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia (AQuAS, as per the acronym in Catalan) is a public legal entity subject to private law, under the auspices of the Generalitat de Catalonia’s Health Ministry which serves public policy.

The mission of AQuAS is to promote knowledge and know-how aimed at improving the quality, safety and sustainability of the Catalan healthcare system.

AQuAS’s mission has three main areas of action:
  • Evaluation; to assess structures, processes and results in areas such as eHealth, health technology, quality of healthcare and social impact of research.
  • Catalan Healthcare System Observatory:  which generates information and facilitates accountability and improved decision-making through transparency, evaluation and benchmarking.
  • Business innovation and development: to promote innovation in healthcare, to become a reference in innovation in public procurement procedures and encouraging participation in innovative projects to provide more advanced and efficient solutions to address healthcare concerns than those currently available in the market.
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