Role: Consulting medical clinical area

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is the largest state institution of higher learning in Greece, and among the largest universities in Europe. It was officially founded in 1837 and with about 125000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, over 2000 members of academic staff and approximately 1300 administrative and secretarial staff and specialized personnel, it  aims at excellence in both teaching and research in a significantly varied range of disciplines. The Faculties and their respective Departments, functioning within the 8 larger academic units known as Schools, as well as a number of independent Faculties offer a wide range of undergraduate courses, leading to a Diploma equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences Degree, after a minimum of four years of studies. Moreover, intra- and inter-Departmental programs offer an expanding range of taught and research-based postgraduate degrees.

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is confronted today with a variety of challenges in a society under pressure and in an era of economic crisis on the basis of which it is progressively articulating new goals for egalitarian education to its large numbers of students so they develop the required knowledge and skills to function as creative intellectuals and competent professionals in a rapidly changing world. Opposing the marketization of University studies and the development of a highly competitive system that one encounters in institutions of tertiary education in many Western countries nowadays, it is denying its traditional role of producing an intellectual elite. Recognizing the importance of human resource development, the University of Athens aims to create closer links between the worlds of the production and the consumption of knowledge, thus contributing to social and economic development in the country.

The Medical School of the University of Athens, operating continuously since 1837, has been highly active not only in a national level but also internationally, listed among the most awarded Medical Schools worldwide. Ever since its foundation, very important educational, clinical and social work has been accomplished while research work contributes in making our school one of the world's leading Medical Institutions.

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