Phase III: Project abstract 'Salumedia'

CARINAE solution is built bottom-up from the patient’s perspective and their needs in mind. The solution aims to provide an innovative and sustainable tool for patients scheduled for surgery and their caregivers to reduce their stress and anxiety during the entire care path.

The full CARINAE solution consists of the following pieces:


a)      CARINAE Mobile application

The mobile application enables the collection of psychometric information from patients and caregivers regarding their stress levels during the patient journey, while delivering several interventions addressing stress relief of the users and adherence towards healthier lifestyles. The modules of this mobile application are divided into Acting, Sensing and Collaboration, in addition CARINAE mobile application offers Personalisation module, which are all explained into more detail below:

  • Collaboration – Patient Communication: communication based on a chat for simple communication and support.
  • Acting – Education & information: depending on the type of surgery, this module presents a set of relevant educational contents to the patient with related quiz questions to maximise knowledge retention. 
  • Acting – Stress relief: tools and techniques to relieve stress. These include elements such as nature and music therapy, mindfulness exercises and guides as well as breathing training and medication exercises.
  • Sensing – Lifestyle monitoring: collects data, including heart rate, sleep quality and physical activity, through the smartwatch sensors.
  • Sensing – Patient tracking: through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons that will be installed at the hospitals, the mobile app supports automatic patient tracking.
  • Sensing – Self-Assessment: includes multiple questionnaires enabling the pain and stress self-assessment of the patient.
  • Personalisation – Profiler & Recommender System: gathers relevant information from patients about the level of information they would like to receive regarding their surgery, the way that they would prefer to manage stress (music, images, etc.), and other relevant information (i.e., education level, age, and medical condition). This also includes the user management needed to ensure that users can control their settings. This motivational and educational content is personalised through a clinically validated recommender system.
b)      CARINAE Web application

The web application is used to enable healthcare professionals to manage, monitor and follow-up patients enrolled in to the CARINAE program. The modules of the web application consist of Sensing and Collaboration with additional User Management module, which are explained into more detail below:

  • User management: to enrol users and to authorise end-users for accessing appropriate functionalities, based on their role, e.g., caregiver, patient, physician. This includes the profiler to gather relevant information from patients about the level of information they would like to receive.
  • Collaboration – Patient Communication: communication based on a chat for simple communication and support.
  • Sensing – Lifestyle monitoring and PROs: to visualise the biometric information gathered through the mobile app. This includes access to self-assessments to visualise the information from PROMs and questionnaires.
c)      CARINAE VR application

The modules of this software are:

  • VR education & information: to provide data to the patient regarding the upcoming surgery, pre-admission instructions, the recommended diet to follow and instructions for exercise, medications, and return to routine activities.
  • VR stress relief: to generate a customized virtual world to assist in stress management, including for example videos, music, mini games and a virtual coach.


  • VR headset: this headset is the VR user interface for patients and caregivers. It allows the user to interact with the VR environment developed in order to provide stress relief and education throughout the patient journey.
  • Smartphone: CARINAE mobile application for Android / iOS compatible smartphone. This is notprovided with the CARINAE solution, since users will rely on their own devices.
  • Withings Pulse HR: a wearable device for monitoring patients’ biometric information.
  • PC/laptop: a computer with a compatible web browser is needed to access the CARINAE web application for healthcare professionals. This is not provided with the CARINAE solution.
  •  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons: these provide an in-hospital seamless location-tracking functionality for smartphones.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 727585.

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