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The National Institute on Health and Science on Ageing - INRCA ( is the only institute specifically focused on geriatric and gerontological topics in Italy. This peculiar position allows INRCA to carry out high-quality clinical and translational research in biomedical and health care services areas, as well as to provide evidence and recommendations to private and public institutions concerning the socio-economic impact of ageing.

  • 4 research hospitals based in 3 different regions in Italy (Marche, Lombardia, Calabria)
  • an Alzheimer day centre and a nursing home (Marche)
  • a scientific and technological area dedicated to basic and applied research
  • On the whole 1100 employees: more than 80 physicians and care professionals, actively contributing to the clinical and epidemiological research; 22 full time researchers (mainly involved in biogerontology studies and socio-economic research)

INRCA’s mission is twofold: to provide health and long-term care to older people; to carry out applied and theoretical research on longevity and ageing related issues.

Areas of interest:
  • Biogerontology: determinants of aging, longevity and age-associated diseases;
  • Clinical and epidemiological research: focus on geriatric diseases and syndromes;
  • Technical and social innovations for ageing populations:  information and communication technologies (ICTs) supporting older people in need and their family carers, outdoor mobility and independent living;
  • Economic and social research: quality and costs of health, active ageing, social and long-term care.
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