STARS Final Conference

A consortium of five leading European hospitals from Netherlands, Italy and Spain uses the European Commission’s pre-commercial procurement (PCP) contractual scheme to challenge and stimulate European industry.

The goal of the STARS project ( is to design, to develop and to test a resilient support tool, to be applied for patients, planned for surgery, with the aim of reducing stress and anxiety as well as improving the health condition of the patient during the complete care path. This implies also the reduction of the caregivers, the medical staff as well as for the family of the patients.


Reduction of the stress, experienced by patients, will lower the harmful side effects of sedating drugs, shorten hospital stay, shorten recovery time and relieve carers and related persons from continuous assistance.

STARS project started in 2017 and ended in June 2022. The two solutions with the explanatory videos can be found on the project’s webpage:

The STARS project and the contractors have presented during the final conference the results of the clinical testing phase including user experience, testimonials, and buyers’ group insights at the online final conference as well as the project itself and the lessons learnt from the PCP process!
You will find the three presentations below in the area “Documentation”


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